Our purchasing formula is built to meet today's needs and adapt to professional and digital reality, which is why Forever Mlle is mainly online. We take priority over personalized and efficient customer service. For these purposes, we offert two types of assisted shopping: online or in-store.


Tailor-made Shopping Appointment 

The tailor-made shopping Appointment formula offers you the possibility of shopping alone or with friends*, at our boutique space located in Drummondville, at a time that suits you and guided by our style advisors. Whatever your needs, we will assist you to make your visit a quality one, without pressure.


To take a tailor-made appointment in store: click here.


Virtual assistant

Do you want assistance with your online shopping? Our Virtual Assistant tool is the best. Bringing together our tools for the silhouette and a questionnaire allowing us to more precisely identify your needs, you will receive from that some tips and advices from our style advisers. The formula is simple, fast and cost effective from the comfort of your home.

You can use the virtual assistant but itself, but it will be recommended to you before your tailor-made shopping appointment.

To use the virtual assistant: click here.


* Update August 11, 2021

* Given the latest developments in the COVID-19 pandemic, we suggest that you come alone or with one person to your appointment. Please inform our team if you plan to come accompanied. The situation remains subject to the latest developments as well as to the government rules in force. Please always remember the latest news and in case of any, please contact our customer service. Wearing a mask is compulsory in store.


For all questions, contact customer service.